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After 31 years in the jewelry industry, Thomas Fisher opened up his own store, Fisher & Sons Jewelers, in July 1977. Incorporating his wife, Chloe Sr., and 16-year-old son Craig into the business model, Tom intended to be his own boss and to take care of his customers as if they were family. It wasn’t long before his daughter, Chloe Fisher Bares, joined the business in 1982, followed by her husband, Barry Bares, in 1995. While Tom’s other grandchildren each took turns working during Summer Break or during the busy Holiday Seasons, Craig’s son Ryan joined the business in 2004. 

In 2011 after 55 years in the industry, Tom and Chloe officially handed the business over to their children: Craig and Chloe Jr. The small, family business model continues today after 40 years of business, with Craig, Chloe, Barry and Ryan running the store.

Our Identity

At Fisher & Sons Jewelers, we work on combining the old-fashion Family Owned and Operated business model while staying up to date in the 21st Century. As a jeweler that was trained the same way that Tom was trained in 1946, Craig learned first-hand from his father in all of the old techniques. He has since incorporated using a Laser-Welder since 2003. Craig works to create custom-designed new pieces and repairs antiques including those that can’t be heated upon, thanks to the laser welder. Craig does all of his work on-site, including machine engraving and watch repair. 

Chloe goes to market twice a year, in February and August, to pick out new and unusual pieces for the showcase. She keeps an eye out for the fine jewelry like which she grew up seeing her father make and sell, as well as keeping up with the newest trends in gold and sterling silver. 

Ryan compliments his father and aunt’s work by working with customers to design the pieces they have in mind. Taking inspiration from customer’s social media accounts, Ryan works first-hand with designing the customer’s piece using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software and 3D printing. Ryan, who has GIA Diamond Certification, also helps customers with appraising jewelry that was either handed down to them, or newly bought. 

While the Fishers endeavor to do as much as possible in store, some things cannot be done in store. We employ a local Master Engraver to do our hand-engraving. Watch dials are refinished at International Dial Co, one of the best in the industry. Our 3D printing is done in Northern Louisiana.

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